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I’m Not Your Boring Newspaper | April 2, 2018

BGI Capital: A Proactive Lender Offering Personalized Service

When shopping for a lender, people still value caring and comprehensive service. In this day and age, quality of service is sometimes sacrificed for quantity – especially in big cities like Miami. Offering a breath of fresh air, BGI Capital has really hit the ground running in South Florida. Led by Managing Partners Kenneth A. Baboun and Robert M. Barthelmess, the company has entered the market with a large portfolio of lending solutions for commercial and residential real estate clients. This firm’s focus, however, is to be a boutique private lender that prides itself on being able to provide creative funding solutions. Its extensive network of local, regional and national banks, conduit lenders, mortgage REITs, and private equity firms gives BGI Capital a prime advantage.

One client that recently benefitted from this firm’s unique approach is Jose Graibe, who received a loan of $2.47 million to establish the first Nathan’s Famous restaurant in Miami-Dade. The partners at BGI have been extremely involved in this family run business to ensure that the client feels taken care of and all his needs are met. BGI worked closely with Graibe to structure financing and continue to be involved with him throughout the construction process as he works towards opening of the site. The Nathan’s Famous restaurant will be located on SW 40th Street and 89th Avenue in Westchester, Florida and the restaurant will be the first location for the franchise in Miami-Dade County outside of the airport.

Founded in 2017, BGI Capital, headed by Kenneth A. Baboun and Robert M. Barthelmess have hand-picked a team that stands for the same values as they do. The entire team has a broad knowledge of the market–as well as an in-depth understanding of the loan process and deal structuring. Baboun is an expert in high-end real estate development and finance, having worked on various significant projects in South Florida and Barthelmess is an international finance and banking expert, who has placed more than $800 million in commercial real estate loans over his career. Together, they formed BGI Capital to meet the growing needs in South Florida for a lender that really advocates for their clients. As a private lender, they have immediate access to capital enabling them to control their own funds and make same-day, in-house decisions which really streamlines the process. They also offer a large portfolio of lending products that are specifically geared towards foreign national buyers looking to invest in real estate. At BGI Capital, they believe all clients are V.I.P.s and deserve to be treated as such.

The success brought forth by this unique way of doing business is undeniable. In its brief history, BGI Capital has exceeded $100 million in business in the local real estate market and has already established a reputation for being extremely knowledgeable and proficient in closing individualized deals. The firm recently expanded its footprint into Palm Beach County with the addition of a team member that lives in the area. BGI Capital’s potential for growth and expertise in their field solidifies that the firm will be one to watch on the financial horizon as they make their mark in South Florida.



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